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History – historical
1975 foundation of the company in Haslach/Kinzigtal by the married-couple Jean-Louis & Marika Nippert (two employee, distribution of spraying equipment for plant protection and several tools for orchards)
1976 first own product: mini pruning machine with an automatic rolling up air drum with 50 to 70 meters hose, pneumatic spring shears .
1978 3-piston pneumatic shears, 3-point attachments for tractors
1985 relocation to Bühl-Weitenung.
1986 production of attachments for mini tracked vehicles (mulcher, turbo sprayer, fertilizer spreader, leaf cutter, etc.)
1987 automatic water drums, radio-controlled hose reels up to 420 bar pressure
1991 production of ride-one caterpillar HY 48 with full hydrostatic drive and joystick control, hydraulic driven attachments for winegrowing (steep slope viticulture)
1995 production of stand-on caterpillar HY 20/13, also with hydrostatic drive and one-hand control as well as attachments
1997 development and production of household levitation machines
1998 reorganisation of the proprietorship into a Ltd
1999 expansion of the product range by the new designed ride-on caterpillar HY 48/2000 and production of a new type of caterpillars especially for California and France
2000-2006 enhancements of the ride-on and stand-on caterpillars, conversion from petrol engines to diesel engines
(HY 30 – 38/16 + HY 38/16A)
2003 ride-on caterpillar with diesel engine with 60HP, rotary seat (180°), 3-point linkage and power-take off access (HY 60)
2004 mounting from a cable winch at the HY 38/16, uphill grad up to 90% possible
2006-2007 development of a complete remote-controlled caterpillar with 38 HP
2008 new stand-on caterpillar HY 38/2008: spring mounted footboard, pendular chassis, complete covering of the engine bay with plastic, 27KW (38HP)
2008 new ride-one caterpillar HY 40/2008: 3-point linkage, air mounted rotary seat (180°), pendular chassis, complete covering of the engine bay with plastic, 27 KW (38HP)
2008 new development of RoboFlail one: a remote-controlled slope mower in cooperation with the company KommTek Intelligente Lösungen Ltd.
new development HRS60: over the row caterpillar with 34 KW (60HP)
2009 new development ride-on caterpillar: hydraulic caterpillar system HRS90 with 66 KW (90HP) including cable winch system
2010 new development stand-on caterpillar: hydraulic caterpillar system HRS50 with 36 KW (50HP) including cable winch system, new servo-hydraulic guide system
2010 special construction: boat transporter TransShip for the Rheinkraftwerk Albbruck-Dogern in 79725 Laufenburg
1975-2010 we produced a lot of special constructions parallel to the listed products, e.g
  • palm scissors for Nigeria
  • four-wheel steering spraying carts for Martinique
  • over the row caterpillar for Christmas tree crops
  • hand-guided mini-caterpillar as fire trucks to Thailand
  • special ride-on caterpillar for the Swiss
  • decontamination shuttle
  • remote-controlled caterpillar
  • Easy-Bee: transport assistance for beekeepers
  • boat transporter TransShip
2011 new development RoboFlail vario: remote-controlled slope mower in cooperation with the company KommTek Intelligente Lösungen GmbH
NIKO engages 25 employees.

Export in 25 countries (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, etc.). Export share 40% (50% in the 80`s).

NIKO has many patents and registered designs and we also received numerous awards for technical innovation.

The production at NIKO is characterized by a low production depth.